Branch Group Integrates Roanoke- and Charlottesville-Based Operating Companies |

G.J. Hopkins | Lacy

As part of its long-term strategic growth initiative, the Branch Group, a leading construction management firm, has integrated its established service contractors, G.J. Hopkins and L.A. Lacy. Founded in 1958, G.J. Hopkins is a full-service mechanical, electrical, and plumbing firm that serves Southwest Virginia, while L.A. Lacy, a mechanical and plumbing company in operation for… Read more »

Message for L.A. Lacy Clients and Partners |

To our Clients, Partners, Customers, and Friends: Relationships, Exceptionalism, and Ownership: our core values guide our behavior in all we do. And in times of disruption and difficulty, we lean on them even more. For this reason, we want to share with you how we are helping our employee owners leading through the uncertainty we… Read more »

VRF Systems: A Growing Trend in the HVAC Industry |

Depending on your heating and cooling needs, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems could be the right choice for your building. With benefits such as state-of-the-art controls, installation flexibility, quiet operation, and zoned and simultaneous heating and cooling, VRF technology provides a great alternative to traditional HVAC systems. VRF systems were invented nearly 40 years ago… Read more »

Like Father, Like Son: Growing Up in the Construction Industry and Choosing Your Path |

Keith Shifflett became interested in the construction industry at a young age because it allowed him to spend time with his dad, who was a self-employed plumbing and mechanical contractor. He spent his weekends and summer breaks working with him until he turned 17, and then he built a successful career at Virginia-based companies, including… Read more »

Building a Successful Career by Helping Others Succeed |

After getting out of the Army in 1987, Tim Southern needed to find a career, so he started working for the only company that seemed to be hiring in Waynesboro at the time, Brown & Root. He was hired as a pipefitter helper and started taking night classes on everything from hydronics and pneumatics to… Read more »


The Branch Group after the acquisition of L.A. Lacy It’s been almost three months since J. William Karbach, CEO of the Branch Group, Inc. announced the purchase of the assets of L.A. Lacy, Inc. According to Jeff Lewis, President of Lacy, the market has already responded to the acquisition favorably. “Our vendors, suppliers, and owners… Read more »