Message for L.A. Lacy Clients and Partners

To our Clients, Partners, Customers, and Friends:

Relationships, Exceptionalism, and Ownership: our core values guide our behavior in all we do. And in times of disruption and difficulty, we lean on them even more. For this reason, we want to share with you how we are helping our employee owners leading through the uncertainty we are experiencing with the coronavirus and how we are working to support you through our business continuity efforts.

We have a proactive plan that we review together as a leadership team several days a week, and we are committed to remaining flexible as circumstances change. In addition to following all CDC and government guidelines and recommendations, here are some of the actions we are taking:


  • Amplified focus on workplace hygiene and cleaning, including decontamination plans for all locations if necessary
  • Signage being placed at all sites and offices outlining hygiene best practices and reminders
  • Risk assessments for any ill employees and approvals required for return to work
  • Restricted travel policy communicated, including essential travel only, limiting site
    visits, and travel between offices
  • Meeting size restricted to 10 or fewer people in offices and new site safety meeting
    guidelines being provided (e.g., minimizing team exposure and meeting size on sites)
  • Quarantine requested for employees exposed to others with potential or known
    coronavirus or for those traveling to high-risk areas
  • Reinforcing the need to ensure sign-in at all offices and sites

Leadership and Communications

  • Preparedness Task Force established with cross-functional/cross-company representatives
  • Daily meetings – either the leadership team or the Preparedness Task Force
  • Intranet communications to complement all company emails and small group messages
  • Links to key information (trusted sites, hygiene guidelines, employee assistance tools) provided to employees
  • Enhanced communications and key message delivery through company mass-texting capabilities
  • Preparing and testing an all-employee phone communications chain Policies and Resources
  • Two-week remote work locations recommended for all office staff (except a skeleton crew with permission) starting Monday, March 23
  • Enhanced IT capabilities to allow for remote workforce
  • Advanced planning for maintaining site safety and public safety in the event of a temporary closure
  • Interviews and client-facing meetings done via telepresence wherever possible
  • Essential roles reviewed and back up individuals identified for each role
  • Extensive research and reliance on external pandemic expertise to inform decisions
  • Company-sponsored telehealth/telemedicine option promoted, virus testing costs covered by the company
  • Adherence to all new government guidelines and the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act”

You have our commitment to excellence in all we do – both on our jobs and also in our relationships with each of you. Our goals include the safety and well-being of each of our employees, our clients, our partners, and our communities. Thank you for your ongoing confidence in us.

Best regards,

Jeff Lewis, President, L.A. Lacy